Apr 23, 2016 · The /commercial command is reserved for partnered broadcasters and their nominated editors. If a broadcaster would like to give this ability to their moderators, rather than giving them editorial permissions, they can add a chat moderation bot as an editor and allow moderators to perform the command via said bot. Twitch Chat Commands
Как настроить NightBot для Twitch? 07.01.2021 Рубрика: Мануалы Сегодня мы рассмотрим одного из самых популярных чат-ботов для Twitch — NightBot .

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Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

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Nightbot is one of a number of incredibly useful bots you can use on Twitch that offers a range of features to liven up a stream, control users, moderate chat, add music and a whole lot more. This tutorial is going to walk you through installing and setting up Nightbot on Twitch.
While Nightbot is just an artificially intelligent modding tool streamers can make use of, the way it works is quite unique. Nightbot has its own channel on Twitch.This allows Nightbot to act as a “user” of the platform instead of a basic bot. Streamers will generally invite Nightbot into their streams, effectively activating the bot on their channels, then giving Nightbot admin privileges.

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Right out of the gate nightbot comes with 33 commands that you can start using as soon as you sync your twitch account with nightbot. If you type in “!commands” in your chat it should list all of the available commands.
Here you can see all the available commands in Chatbot (directly from the Documentation). To see an example and responses from each command click on it to see them per slider.

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Apr 16, 2020 · Thinking about it, I decided to create this quick tutorial teaching how to create the command ! uptime on the Nightbot for the Twitch channel. Check it out in full! Check it out in full! The process is relatively simple and you have two ways to do it.
Here you can see all the available commands in Chatbot (directly from the Documentation). To see an example and responses from each command click on it to see them per slider.

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Sep 11, 2020 · Twitch commands are native to the Twitch platform which means that your Valorant chat commands and your Minecraft chat commands won’t work here. Twitch Chat Commands List Below is a complete list of all of the officially recognized Twitch chat commands that can be used by all users including the channel owner and the average viewer.

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Twitch Bot Custom Commands. Commands cheatsheet. Nightbot. 8 Ball; Coin Flip (random) Random with emote; Pick from comma-delimited query; Win Counter with reset; Shoutout that allows "@" prefix; Current time; Slap random person; Repeat word a random number of times; User levels; Cooldown; Stream Elements (chat bot) 8-ball (custom, with default 8-ball disabled) Coinflip

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